Zumba® G&D + P&M


* CLASS WILL GO LIVE 15 MINUTES BEFORE THE EVENT. Please check timezones. Come early for class and enjoy the music.

* This link is for you and only you. Please DO NOT share this to anyone. We are doing our best to give you the best possible service.

* If there is no sound, unmute the volume at the bottom of your screen.

* Connect to WIFI (Good internet connection – RECOMMENDED)

* For smart phone users: For enhanced experience, connect the livestream using Apple TV or Chrome Cast | CONNECT TO ANY SPEAKER FOR BETTER SOUND QUALITY.

* If the video freezes, wait. If it’s still frozen, please refresh.


* Wear proper workout clothes and footwear.

* Keep a sweat towel and a drink bottle within reach.

* Keep your dance floor free from things that maybe in the way when you move.

* Have fun, blast the music, and let go!

We want to see videos of you dancing! Tag us  @g2dance @dahriowonder @hiphopturnup @princepaltuob @madellepaltuob @bpdancestudio